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“I have hired Dave to take photos for our wrestling club the last 4-5 years, as well used his services for my children’s high school senior pictures. I have 70 kids running around the wrestling room while Dave takes individual photos, Dave is unfazed by this background noise, continuing to take photos while have fun with the kid he is photographing. His work is always top quality, he is very flexible with any “out of the ordinary” requests, and has the finished photos back inside of a week. I would highly recommend Dave and his Photography Services to anyone. Top Quality at very reasonable prices.” - - Randy D. - Mukwonago, WI

“I would highly recommend Dave Schoeffel for any type of professional photography. He's not only creative but he has the "3-R's" going for him: reliable, responsible and respectful. I would not hesitate to hire Dave for any type of assignment because I know I could be confident in the outcome.” - - Karen P. - Mukwonago, WI

"Dave was a volunteer for the second Milwaukee JobCamp. He joined our planning committee early on and was a regular participant at our meetings leading up to the event. In particular, Dave agreed to be in charge of taking head shot photographs of the attendees at not charge. During our last JobCamp, this popular benefit of attending did not work out due to some unfortunate logistical problems. Dave solved those difficulties this time by recruiting his own volunteers who helped him to edit and immediately send the portrait to the attendee's e-mail address while he or she was still at the event. This had the beneficial effect of allowing the JobCamp attendees to use those pictures immediately at our social media center. Dave photographed hundreds of people that day. His good humor and friendly approach made it fun for others to work with him. In addition, Dave created the buttons for our Resume Doctor offering at the event and helped us set up and tear down. I enjoyed working with Dave very much and he got along well with our entire team. I'd recommend his photography services to anyone!" - - Todd N - Milwaukee, WI

"I worked with Dave during Milwaukee JobCamp and he proved his skills in both operations and photography. He selflessly provided hundreds of free headshots for job seekers to use in their online profiles and he ran the photography booth exceedingly well. He recruited, trained and organized his own team of volunteers that greeted, prepared and processed participants--within minutes the final product was already in their inbox. In both photography and operations I would highly recommend Dave." - - Dave C. - Milwaukee, WI

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“I would like to tell everyone about the fast, friendly, courteous and professional service I received from David at the Job Camp in Milwaukee. David's photography business provided to attendees a complimentary professional photo. That day, I received the photo in a format that was easy to access and upload. Now I have a new, updated photo to include on my Linkedin profile. It was very appreciated.” - - Roxanne L. - Elkhart, IN

"Thanks for the "camp photo." To be very honest, it's one of the better photos ever taken of me.  I have never considered myself very photogenic and you made me look good. - - Bill P. - Milwaukee, WI

Nice job.  Thanks for the great photo and a quick turnaround time! - - Jim M. - South Milwaukee, WI

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your time and talent to take pictures for us at Job Camp.  I have posted my photo on LinkedIn and it looks nice.  Again thank you. - - Ann D. - West Bend, WI

Thank you so much for providing your photo services today.  The picture is a big improvement over my previous LinkedIn photo. - - Susan B. - Mequon, WI

Hi Star Technical.  How very fast, efficient and wonderful of you to do this.  I will let other job seekers know about your professional photo (services).  Thank you so much for sending. - - Donna A. - Waukesha, WI

Dave takes true pictures of what one looks like, and that is not meant to be taken incorrectly. - - Kris B. - Milwaukee, WI

Really appreciated the picture being taken and I uploaded it as soon as I got it. Great job! - - Judy H. Milwaukee, WI

Your photograph of me did wonders for my LinkedIn profile. I have had recruiters contact me due to the digital photo. Thank you so much! - - David J. - Milwaukee, WI

I had a fine photo on LinkedIn before JobCamp but decided to upload the nice shot you took for me as a refresh! thanks again for volunteering; I heard from several Right Management candidate friends that they were also delighted with your service & results:)  - - Karen P. - Milwaukee, WI

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